Health Library Locations (h)

This item or electronic resource is only available for users of the relevant Health Department Library. It is not available for State Library members.

The State Library and the Health Department Libraries share a database to better manage resources and expertise.

Public Library Locations (p)

This item is public library stock, but unfortunately it is not available for loan. It could be one of the following:

  1. 1. New items in transit to public libraries
  2. 2. Items ordered for regional library collections
  3. 3. Items returned in an exchange - and possibly picked up by another library for their stock or waiting to be discarded.

It is almost impossible to know the location of a ‘ppls’ item. However, if it is a newish item, in the next couple of weeks, the item should be located to a library and hence, available for interlibrary loan.

To find the location of your closest Public Library, please visit the following page on our website:

State Library Locations (s)

Stack (for almost all stack locations)

This item is held in the Library’s ‘closed stacks’ (back area). You can request this item from the staff at the 3rd Floor Reference Desk or using the ‘Request It’ button. Material will be delivered to either the 3rd Floor retrievals shelf, or to the Leah Jane Cohen Reading Room. Staff will be able to tell you which location the item will be delivered to.

Retrievals requests are collected every half an hour, when the Library is open, and items are normally available within one hour after they are requested.

Digital Stack (SLURPed items)

This item has been digitised, but is not available off-site (possibly due to copyright). Please talk to the staff in the Leah Jane Cohen Reading Room on the 3rd Floor who will make it available for you. You will need to be a member and sign the terms and conditions of user for the Reading Room.

Climate Controlled Stack

This item is held in a climate-controlled area in our ‘closed stacks’ (back area). You can request this item from the staff at the 3rd Floor Reference Desk. However, it may not be available on the same day, as it will need to be brought to ambient temperature.


This item is held ‘offsite’. Generally, there will be an alternative format available (e.g. digital or microform). The use of these alternative formats is preferred, as it will help to project the fragile originals. There will be a delay if the request to bring the item onsite is approved.

National eDeposit (NED)

This item is available electronically from the National Library of Australia’s National e-Deposit service. It may be available only on-site, depending on what restrictions the publisher has placed on it.